Emerging Technology CE Classes

ARTI academics, Utah and Nevada’s highest rated real estate school, is launching a new initiative to publish continuing education (CE) classes for real estate on emerging technologies. As an online real estate school, we understand that publishing relevant content is critical to advancing our new and established real estate agents. With that being said, what are some of the new tech and tech platform classes? Well, we are publishing classes about Blockchain for real estate, how Bitcoin will impact the real estate transaction process? and the need to understand emerging technologies. Adapting and learning more about new technologies is a critical skill and competency. As a real estate school, we want to deliver content that will help our agents build new skill sets and competencies. Furthermore, we want our agents to utilize the technology platforms that are available to them, such as social media. Social media is an integral part of a business, and social media is a great communication medium for advertising and promoting. We are creating classes about social media and the best practices to advance digital literacy. Stay tuned for new classes, visit our website and review our course catalog. Finally, be sure to create an account with ARTI academics, an online real estate school.

About ARTI® Academics

ARTI® Academics is the Highest-Rated Real Estate School in Utah and Nevada, and is 100% Free.  The school offers both Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education courses in an online video format to enhance your knowledge and build your real estate skills.