ARELLO Certification

ARTI academics is pleased to announce that the learning management system (LMS) has been granted the ARELLO distance education certification. ARELLO is the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, an international trade association of real estate regulators. This recognition provides accolades for our cutting edge, state of the art, educational delivery system. The accreditation process evaluates the rigor and educational objectives, in addition to certifying that the courses meet comprehensive distance education standards.

ARTI academics is a new model in real estate education. We strive to provide excellence in pre-licensing and continuing education (CE) modules and classes. Our delivery systems create an intuitive learning experience and is deliberately formed to be learner centric. Therefore, our team worked diligently to obtain accreditation so that we can continue to provide thorough yet relevant and applicable real estate education that is accessible to all. Our goal is to ensure that we continuously guide real estate agents to develop new skills and competencies with our education delivery systems.

The ARELLO distance education certification and accreditation opens new possibilities for agents to learn best practices and real estate principles which enhance their performance and maximize their success. ARTI academics offers nationally recognized and accredited educational courses which can be taken from anywhere at any time. With over 10,000 enrollments to date, students are learning new skills and applying them to their daily interactions which benefits every transaction.

Amanda Wickra, Director of Education, said, “we are so excited about the ARELLO accreditation, this is a milestone for our education system”

About ARTI® Academics

ARTI® Academics is the Highest-Rated Real Estate School in Utah and Nevada, and is 100% Free.  The school offers both Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education courses in an online video format to enhance your knowledge and build your real estate skills.

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