Proptech Company reinvents Real Estate Fundamentals with Third Software App

Brokers Technology, a leading Proptech company, has recently expanded its real estate suite by launching ARTI® Tools, an innovative app designed to address common challenges faced by real estate professionals. The company’s mission is to empower industry professionals with practical knowledge, expert guidance, and cutting-edge products, enabling them to put buyers and sellers first in their real estate journey. This is the third product in the ARTI® suite after marketing and transaction software ARTI® Transact, and leading education platform ARTI® Academics.

Tackling Everyday Real Estate Challenges

Real estate professionals often grapple with complex everyday math concepts that can be time-consuming and confusing to calculate. ARTI® Tools aims to simplify these calculations by providing user-friendly solutions tailored to the needs of industry professionals. By streamlining these processes, real estate agents can focus on delivering exceptional services to their clients. By making it free, it immediately becomes available to all.

Another challenge faced by real estate professionals is helping buyers determine the right time to purchase a home and evaluate the potential financial return on their investment. ARTI® Tools offers data-driven insights and personalized results, enabling professionals to guide their clients toward informed decisions.

Moreover, educating sellers on the total cost to transact can be a daunting task. With ARTI® Tools, real estate agents can provide clear and concise information to their clients, ensuring transparency and trust throughout the transaction process.

“Existing market solutions are often limited in scope, archaic, slow, and benefiting competitors rather than Real Estate Professionals. We create easy to use, yet innovative products that prioritize the needs of real estate professionals and the general public first, not last,” said Chief Technology Officer Matt Walter.

The Evolution of ARTI®

Since its inception, ARTI® has been dedicated to transforming the real estate industry through education and technology. Their history of innovation includes creating the leading real estate learning management platform in the country and the most powerful transaction and marketing platform processing tens of billions of dollars of real estate. By continually expanding their suite of products and services, ARTI® is a driving force in the real estate industry.

Key Insights from Industry Experts

Dr. Amanda Wickra, Director of Education for ARTI® Academics recently praised ARTI Tools for its ingenuity and effectiveness in addressing industry challenges. She stated, “ARTI® has once again demonstrated their commitment to empowering real estate professionals with the launch of Tools. This product solves the challenges of so many real estate agents in their everyday business.”

The Future of Proptech and Real Estate

With the launch of ARTI® Tools, Brokers Technology continues to solidify its position as a leader in the Proptech industry. Their dedication to innovation, personalization, and practical knowledge is reshaping the way real estate professionals navigate their careers. As the industry evolves the ARTI® name remains committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that empower real estate professionals and drive the future of the sector.

About ARTI® Academics

ARTI® Academics is the Highest-Rated Real Estate School in Utah, Nevada, and Texas, and is 100% Free.  The school offers both Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education courses in an online video format to enhance your knowledge and build your real estate skills.