If you have priority banking. Your continuing education credits are banked faster than any other school with our priority banking. You will receive an email when your completed course or certificate has been sent to the state. After we have reported the classes, it takes up to 72 hours to be updated with the state.

If you are an exclusive VIP member. As a VIP member you will always get your CE credits banked before anyone else. You are our top priority and will receive an email when your credits have been submitted to the state. Along with expedited banking, you also have access to our exclusive content. This means that you will have access to classes available only for VIP members. 

Most states allow real estate schools up to 10 business days to bank the hours with the Division of Real Estate.

We can only register your course hours if we have your Real Estate License number in your profile settings in ARTI® Academics. If we do not have your real estate license number in the ARTI Academics profile setting, it will delay the processing as we will need to contact you for additional information.

If you have more questions please contact ARTI Support

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