Real Estate Economic Forecast

On January 29th ARTI Academics hosted the Real Estate Economic Forecast. Moderated by Dr. Amanda Wickra, Ed.D., Director of Education at ARTI Academics, and featuring keynote speakers Neil Walter, CFA, and Jon Walter, MBA. The event was live broadcasted over Facebook and Zoom. This free public event, sponsored by ERA Brokers, NAI Excel, and NAI Vegas drew an attendance of approximately 500 people.

Neil Walter and Jon Walter provided insight on key trends that are moving commercial and residential markets in Southern Nevada, Southern Utah, and the Wasatch Front. Analysis of the decisions that move real estate prices suggest that in most cases, real estate prices will continue to increase in the near term. Population growth, lower interest rates, housing shortage, increasing construction costs, and additional economic stimulus are significant drivers of current market conditions. Looking to the future, they recommend watching changes in government policies in response to the pandemic, the migration from urban to rural, and new construction.

ERA Brokers, NAI Excel, and NAI Vegas published their annual research reports. The 2021 Residential Review and 2021 Commercial Real Estate Outlook, are publicly available at,, and

To see the slide deck for the presentation, click here: Real Estate Forecast 2021 01 29 PDF.pdf (

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