If you’ve stepped into the real estate agent game, you’ve likely heard that you need to meet some requirements to keep your license current. This is true! Real estate agents are required to complete a fixed number of continuing education (CE) hours within a certain time period in order to maintain or renew their license. The requirements for license renewal may vary depending on the state in which you practice, so be sure to verify that wherever you are licensed.

In the state of Utah, it’s required for all licensed real estate professionals to complete 18 continuing education hours every two years. 9 of these 18 hours must be in approved CORE topics and 3 of the 9 hours must be spent completing a division approved mandatory course. If you are renewing your real estate license for the first time, it is required that you complete the 12-Hour New Agent Course as part of your 18 hours. To maintain your real estate license in an active state, you must meet the continuing education requirements before the 15th of your renewal month. If you choose not to do this, it’s possible to be hit with a late fee- so plan accordingly!

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need Continuing Education?

The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that real estate agents stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and changes so that they can provide the best possible service to their clients. Similar to other growing and shifting business industries, it is important to be educated and current when working in the real estate industry. This helps make sure that no unnecessary bumps or mistakes are made along the way during real estate transactions. In the end, it’s the agent’s responsibility to complete continuing education courses that will benefit their clients and themselves.

Different Real Estate Education Courses Available

There are a variety of different continuing education courses to choose from- just don’t forget the required 3-hour division approved mandatory course or any other required classes (e.g. if it’s your first renewal). Other credit hours may cover topics such as residential real estate, commercial real estate, comparative market analysis (CMA), ethics and professional conduct, economics, property management, fair housing laws, short sales, risk management, and much more.

As mentioned above, the CE courses you choose to enroll in should be beneficial for both you and your clients. They should help you learn and grow as new agents or as a seasoned agent. The more foundational understanding you have, the better equipped you will be to help home buyers and other clients reach their real estate goals.

Where to Find Continuing Education Courses

Once you have a general idea of the type of courses that will work best for you, you can start finding them online. There are multiple companies and providers out there who offer different options, so you’re only limited by your choice of preference. However, not all educational opportunities are equal- depending on quality and price. Luckily, there are multiple companies that focus on real estate education and offer a variety of great options for agents at all levels.

Arti Academics offers a variety of free continuing education courses, so that could be a great place to begin. Another place to start for Utah real estate professionals is the Utah Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate website. Here you can find answers to any additional questions you may have, as well as search for available CE classes. The website allows you to search for courses in a certain category, online or in-person, and core topics vs. elective courses.

Cost of Continuing Education in Utah

In Utah, you can complete your continuing education requirements at an approved provider for an average cost of $10-20 per credit hour. However, this is not set in stone, and it is possible to find less expensive courses if you shop around. Some courses may even be offered for free. Since some courses may be offered for free in your state, while others cost money, it is up to you to do your research and decide which courses to enroll in.

Why You Should Enroll in Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

There are a number of reasons why you should enroll in continuing education real estate courses, so let’s take a look at some of them: It makes good business sense. When you stay current on the latest laws, trends, and practices in real estate, you can better serve your clients. This means more money and business for you! One of the biggest reasons is that it’s required by law if you want to maintain or renew a real estate license. Continuing education courses can also be a great way to connect and network with other professionals in the field. The relationships formed may help you grow your business down the line.


Becoming Successful Utah Real Estate Professionals

Completing these courses is an important part of being a successful real estate professional in Utah. It’s true that continuing education courses will help you better serve your future clients and grow as a professional, so choose wisely! However, now that you know just about everything there is to know in regard to the courses offered in the state of Utah, you can enroll in the courses that will help you succeed in real estate.