Interested in becoming a real estate agent in Nevada?

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Offering a wide variety of continuing education classes to Nevada Pre-Licensing we can help you become an agent or get those credits to maintain your license.

Wondering what the next steps are for your Nevada license, this will help.

Pre-licensing courses are required by the Nevada Real Estate Division before you can obtain a real estate license.

The pre-licensing courses must be taken at an approved school and consist of three different topic areas: general principles of real estate (90 hours), practice of real estate (45 hours), and law of agency (30 hours).

These courses cover everything from property laws and regulations to basic finance and marketing principles.

They also include comprehensive examinations that test your knowledge on all topics covered during your coursework.

In addition to these pre-licensing courses, it is important for those interested in becoming licensed real estate agents in Nevada to familiarize themselves with the rules set out by the Nevada Real Estate Commission (NREC).

The NREC sets out specific rules regarding disclosure requirements, advertising guidelines, and other important topics relevant to running a successful real estate business in Nevada.

It is important that prospective agents understand these rules so that they do not inadvertently break any laws when conducting their business activities.

Real estate can be a lucrative career but requires dedication and hard work if you want to succeed as an agent in Nevada.

Completing the necessary classes is essential for becoming a licensed agent in this state—and understanding the rules set forth by the NREC is critical for sustaining your success as a professional realtor.

By taking these steps now, aspiring agents can ensure they are equipped with all the skills needed to start their new career off right!