Deciding what real estate school to choose can be difficult.  We’ve helped break it down.  If you’re looking to get your real estate license, it is important to choose the right school for you.

Top Real Estate Schools

ARTI Academics. Google Rating: 5.0. Cost: Free. ARTI Academics is the highest-ranked real estate school in the State of Utah. We purposefully designed a learning platform to deliver high-quality real estate education.

ARTI Academics offers practice exams and test preparation classes in various locations in Utah. Our team at ARTI Academics has created courses with specific learning outcomes and unique delivery methods. Our students’ success is our highest priority. During the pre-licensing process, students will have access to academic professionals to provide guidance and digital textbooks; at no cost to our students. ARTI Academics is built upon proprietary technology explicitly designed to ensure the students’ success with the Real Estate exam. ARTI Academics is committed to creating dialogues around launching successful real estate careers. We assist with education waivers, after graduation and placement assistance, compelling and unique continuing education (CE) classes that have a high market demand.

Utah Real Estate School, TSG. Google Rating: 4.8. Cost: $489. Some of the features include practice exams, text books, and graduation assistance.

Stringham Schools. Google Rating: 4.8. Cost: Starts at $585. This longstanding school has rich heritage in the State of Utah. They have an upgraded package available if you want to take classes live in person. They provide practice exams, text books and video instruction at an additional cost  and more. While not offering live test prep in locations across the entire state, they do have options on the Wasatch Front.

Institute of Real Estate Education: Google Rating: 4.8. Cost: Starts at $445. Rounding out the 3 way tie, this school offers video instruction. Printed text book, exam real estate license exam prep PDF’s, and audiobooks are additional charges. They offer live and online real estate pre-licensing classes.

Harmon Real Estate Academy: Google Rating: 3.4. Cost: Starts at $399. This school offers classes that you can take at their office and provides test prep assistance. They also provide exam prep and a text book. Live classes are offered, but not during the summer months. They do not offer statewide test prep, but do have a live test prep location on the Wasatch Front.

We hope that this information proved helpful in your search for the top rated real estate schools. If you’re looking for classes that you can attend live in person, Stringham, Utah Real Estate School, TSG, or Institute of Real Estate Education appear to be the best choices based on the feedback from reviews. When looking at overall total value, ARTI Academics is the clear all-around leader if learning at your own pace with video instruction, the highest overall rating, and cost is your priority.

*Information updated 10/1/2019.

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