Edit Your Profile Information

It is important that the information in your ARTI Academics account is current and up to date for many reasons. The biggest reason is to ensure you receive credit for the work you have done. Make sure your name matches your legal name on paper and if you have a real estate license number, that needs to be added to your account to receive credit for continuing education.

** If your email address has changed please email support@artiacademics.com and request an email update. Please include the old and new email along with the reason for the change and we can update that for you.


After signing in, click on the ARTI logo in the top right corner, select “Account” then click the edit button next to the text, “Edit Account Information.” Then you can edit any account info and select the finishing editing button after.


After signing in, click on the on the menu icon in the top right. Select “Account” and then update your account information. This will automatically save.

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About ARTI® Academics

ARTI® Academics is the Highest-Rated Real Estate School in Utah and Nevada, and is 100% Free.  The school offers both Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education courses in an online video format to enhance your knowledge and build your real estate skills.