Depending on your preference for Utah Continuing Education, you have an option of the certificate, which consists of 18 hours of continuing education credit or completing individual courses. To complete courses individually in Utah and Nevada, simply click “available courses” on your ARTI Academics dashboard. We are continually adding additional CE classes to ARTI Academics- stay tuned!

ARTI® Academics Course

This is an individual class inside the school. Each course is a collection of various different activities.  An activity can be a quiz, a slide (similar to powerpoint), or video content. Upon completion of a course, you will be provided with a course completion document, certifying that you have finished it.

ARTI® Academics Certificate

A collection of classes is a certificate. Upon completing the certificate you will receive a congratulations message with the certificate attached.  You can also go to your student profile inside the school and view any completed certificates or courses at any time.