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A Unique Online Learning Experience

Our team at ARTI® Academics Real Estate School is dedicated to creating an engaging online learning education experience. We publish interactive real estate courses with specific learning outcomes and provide online support to guide our students to success - all for free. Our learning management system is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate. There has been a myth that eLearning is for tech-savvy individuals; however, that is not the case—the ARTI academics learning management system is designed to be user friendly for all types of learners regardless of technical skills.

If you're ready to create an account to start your Real Estate School Education with either Continuing Education or Pre-Licensing in the ARTI Academics platform, all you need to do is click 'sign up' to create your account and then select your first course!

At ARTI® Academics, our goal will always be to provide high-quality education with engaging and relevant content. We look forward to connecting with you.

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Introducing Your Certified Real Estate School Coach

Providing the best overall real estate school experience is extremely important to us - and you! We are now introducing your ARTI® Academics Certified Coach.  As a student striving to complete the real estate pre-licensing coursework, you now have a personal real estate coach available at your fingertips. ARTI® Academics has vetted this coach as an expert in the real estate industry.

Their primary purpose as a certified coach is to provide professional skills training and prepare you to be successful in the real estate field and pass the real estate exam. They will be a great resource to utilize through the 120 hours of Pre-Licensing and will be the direct contact to answer questions and help fulfill learning outcomes.

These resources were put in place because our education team at ARTI® Academics wants to ensure we are preparing the next generation of real estate professionals for success. We want to foster conversations and spark new ideas. Real Estate is an evolving field, and our certified coaches have encountered several of the changes over the years. In sharing their experiences will be beneficial for future real estate agents. "We're really excited to provide this addition to our real estate education platform", said Director of Education, Amanda Wickra, Ed.D. "Our certified coaches will bring a combination of significant teaching experience and subject matter expertise. They will help us continue to deliver an exceptional learning experience for our students."

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5 Things You Should Know About Real Estate School

Deciding whether or not to start and complete real estate school can be a difficult question. Before you get started, there are some key things that you should be aware of as you begin your real estate journey.

  1. Real estate school is not easy. For some people, the content and information from a real estate pre-license course may seem simple and straightforward, but it's not that easy. Lots of key definitions and terminology must be added to your internal knowledge base before you will successfully pass the test.  There are also many different real estate specific concepts and core areas of learning that need to be mastered for you to be successful. Some of the information will be specific to the state which you reside in.  For example, what may be required for the State of Utah will be different than the requirements and rules for the State of Nevada.
  2. It will take 120 hours of class time to complete. Deciding to become a real estate agent is a commitment.  Finishing real estate school is the first step.  You will have to focus the equivalent of three 40 hour weeks studying and learning what it takes to help someone with what will likely be the largest transaction of their life. The stakes are high and it is important to know your stuff. Don't think that you will be able to shortcut the prep time and education.
  3. You should finish real estate school within 60 days for the highest level of success. Since your goal is to become a real estate professional, it is important to retain the knowledge you've gained from your education.  This is achieved by completing real estate school within 60 days. When you finish school within that timeline, you're ready for the real estate license exam and as you move into your career you're relying on recent knowledge.  If you started real estate school 8 or 9 months prior, it is difficult to remember everything because you haven't put it into practice.
  4. You can do it all online. Did you know that you can complete real estate school 100% online?  That's right!  While there may be a lot of coursework involved, the online schools in real estate have proven high levels of success.  In fact, ARTI® Academics has the highest overall satisfaction rating of any school in the State of Utah from Google.  In addition, ARTI® Academics consistently ranks at or near the top of the list when it comes to exam pass rates. Part of the success comes from each student having their own dedicated ARTI® Certified Instructor who they can reach out to for answers to questions related to curriculum or the career.
  5.  There is a cost to get into the real estate business. Yes.  A real estate agent is a business owner.  You're in control of your own destiny.  Real Estate School is 100% free at ARTI® Academics, but as you begin your career you will have to plan on investing in your business.  This means being prepared to pay REALTOR® fees, MLS fees, and brokerage costs. These are typically small in comparison to what you will need to spend to market and grow your real estate business after you have your license. Outside of money, the largest cost you will experience is the time and energy needed to be successful.  Most real estate agents don't make it past the first year or two. While real estate school gets you started, you still have to go and compete to win business. We recommend our ARTI® 5 Contact Rule for new agents in real estate.  The ARTI® 5 Contact Rule is: Have 5 Real Estate Conversations Per Day. Put those people in to your Customer Relationship Manager. Follow Up Consistently.

Thank you for reading about the five things you should know about real estate school.  Please provide any comments or feedback below and we look forward to seeing you earn your real estate license with the help of ARTI® Academics.

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How long does it take to become a real estate agent in Utah?

Earning your real estate license in Utah can happen in as little as 30 days.  By completing 8 hours of course work per day 5 days per week you can have the pre-licensing certificate in three weeks.  You then must schedule and pass the test and wait for your license from the Utah Division of Real Estate. If you are trying to plan ahead, we recommend 45 to 60 days to make sure you have ample time to make it through and get the license submitted and returned from the Utah Real Estate division.

Find out how much it costs to go to real estate school here.

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How much does it cost to go to real estate school?

Real estate school is 100% Free at ARTI Academics. If you're considering going to real estate school to get your real estate license, most schools will charge anywhere from $450 to $800 or more. They typically charge this money to cover the cost of facilities, licensed real estate school software, and profit to the company. Not only is ARTI® the most affordable way to earn your license, but it is the highest rated real estate licensing school in the State of Utah. Find more information about top real estate schools.

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Do you provide additional Real Estate training once I get my license?

Upon completion of the Real Estate pre-licensing requirements or during the process itself, ARTI Academics can provide training, coaching, and mentoring. We want to ensure each of our students has specific, attainable, and measurable goals. We will connect you to a senior leader and an ARTI® Certified Instructor who will be a critical resource for guidance and mentoring. We want to ensure each of our students identifies opportunities to grow in real estate. We encourage our students to build networks and have a thriving real estate career.

We also provide a wide selection of real estate courses that you can participate in at any time online right here online through ARTI Academics. These real estate classes offer continuing education credit with the division of real estate and help propel your career to higher levels.

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Top Real Estate Schools in Utah

Deciding what real estate school to choose can be difficult.  We've helped break it down.  If you're looking to get your real estate license, it is important to choose the right school for you.

Top Real Estate Schools

ARTI Academics. Google Rating: 5.0. Cost: Free. ARTI Academics is the highest-ranked real estate school in the State of Utah. We purposefully designed a learning platform to deliver high-quality real estate education.

ARTI Academics offers practice exams and test preparation classes in various locations in Utah. Our team at ARTI Academics has created courses with specific learning outcomes and unique delivery methods. Our students' success is our highest priority. During the pre-licensing process, students will have access to academic professionals to provide guidance and digital textbooks; at no cost to our students. ARTI Academics is built upon proprietary technology explicitly designed to ensure the students' success with the Real Estate exam. ARTI Academics is committed to creating dialogues around launching successful real estate careers. We assist with education waivers, after graduation and placement assistance, compelling and unique continuing education (CE) classes that have a high market demand.

Utah Real Estate School, TSG. Google Rating: 4.8. Cost: $489. Some of the features include practice exams, text books, and graduation assistance.

Stringham Schools. Google Rating: 4.8. Cost: Starts at $585. This longstanding school has rich heritage in the State of Utah. They have an upgraded package available if you want to take classes live in person. They provide practice exams, text books and video instruction at an additional cost  and more. While not offering live test prep in locations across the entire state, they do have options on the Wasatch Front.

Institute of Real Estate Education: Google Rating: 4.8. Cost: Starts at $445. Rounding out the 3 way tie, this school offers video instruction. Printed text book, exam real estate license exam prep PDF's, and audiobooks are additional charges. They offer live and online real estate pre-licensing classes.

Harmon Real Estate Academy: Google Rating: 3.4. Cost: Starts at $399. This school offers classes that you can take at their office and provides test prep assistance. They also provide exam prep and a text book. Live classes are offered, but not during the summer months. They do not offer statewide test prep, but do have a live test prep location on the Wasatch Front.

We hope that this information proved helpful in your search for the top rated real estate schools. If you're looking for classes that you can attend live in person, Stringham, Utah Real Estate School, TSG, or Institute of Real Estate Education appear to be the best choices based on the feedback from reviews. When looking at overall total value, ARTI Academics is the clear all-around leader if learning at your own pace with video instruction, the highest overall rating, and cost is your priority.

*Information updated 10/1/2019.

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Why you should consider a career in Real Estate?

Real estate is primarily a customer service field. As an agent, you will be assisting, advising, and guiding your clients to make one of the most significant transactions of their lives—purchasing or selling a home.  With today's advances in technology, communication and collaboration have become effortless. These advances are a definite asset in becoming successful in real estate. A career in the real estate field can be extremely rewarding from a financial and personal perspective.  Don't be fooled, though, only the very best real estate agents make it to the top.

Real estate agents are typically paid on commission. That means that if you help someone achieve their home buying or selling goals, you get compensated.

At ARTI® Academics, we strive to provide the necessary tools to pursue a successful real estate career. With our user-friendly educational platform, expert instructors, and education team, we are committed to providing an exceptional education and launching real estate careers.

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How to become a real estate agent in Utah

If you're thinking of a career in Real Estate, getting a license in Utah consists of a few steps and it really isn't that difficult as long as you have some time.

In summary, here's the quick steps:
1) Take and graduate from a pre-licensing school (like ARTI® Academics). It's 120 hours.

2) After that, you must pass the state and federal portions of the real estate exam.

3) Pass background checks 4) Affiliate with a brokerage.

If you want the complete details, including the forms, you can find them at the Utah Division of Real Estate.

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How do I know Real Estate School is for me?

Real Estate is built upon the foundation of customer service. As a real estate agent, you will be assisting your clients make one of the most important decisions, purchasing their home or property. Buying a home is a great milestone. As an agent you will guide them through the process of selling and buying. Real Estate is constantly evolving; markets are always versatile, and new trends are developing. ARTI Academics is designed to provide you with an outstanding educational learning platform which is both engaging and interactive. This is your first step in pursuing your real estate career.

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