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Is there a classroom setting to get my real estate license?

The pre-licensing courses on ARTI Academics is delivered online. The online format is utilized to provide students with flexibility to complete the pre-licensing requirements. The online classroom is a powerful learning tool. The ARTI Academics education team and your Certified Instructor is available to answer questions and guide students throughout their pre-licensing requirements and obtaining their real estate license.

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Does ARTI Academics offer Real Estate Exam preparation?

Upon completion of the courses, ARTI Academics offers a series of two review sessions and in-class test prep. The test prep will be conducted by ARTI® Academics Certified Instructors who are experts in the field. The test prep is designed to guide our students with best practices, study tips, and an extensive amount of review of key concepts in preparation for the real estate exam. You can always register for free test prep from the homepage.

You can read more about the real estate school test prep here.

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Is there a payment plan for real estate school?

Are you searching for payment plans or repayment options for real estate school? ARTI Academics if free real estate education platform, forever. There is no need for payment options, coupons, or plans for Utah Real Estate school. Today must be your lucky day! Wahoo!

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Does ARTI Academics offer real estate career insights?

Yes! Throughout your real estate school process, you are provided with an ARTI® Certified Coach! This coach is a real estate expert that meets strict guidelines outlined by ARTI® Academics. Your best interest is at their heart and they will provide any guidance needed throughout the way.

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What is the ARTI® Academics Test Prep?

The ARTI® Academics test prep is a learning tool designed to increase students’ performance on the real estate examination. We are proud of our test prep and students completing the 1 on 1 in-person test prep do significantly better on the real estate license exam. The test prep is delivered live and in person by expert instructors from multiple locations in Utah and Nevada and only takes 30 minutes. Our exam preparation includes practice exams, educational material, and classroom lectures.

Our expert instructors have been certified by ARTI Academics will answer all real estate school questions and provide good test taking skills. They will also answer any general real estate career questions you may have. Be sure to carefully review all practice tests and remember that test-taking difficulties can be overcome through practice.

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What is the organizational structure of the courses?

The courses on ARTI® Academics are intentionally developed to create a climate where it fosters engagement and interactivity. We want our students to make personal connections to the material that is being taught. Our goal is to draw connections between the content that is being presented and align those key concepts with real life examples. The real estate courses are presented with video learning, quizzes, and slides. We are determined to always provide courses that are high quality with expert instructors and presented in an engaging manner.

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When will I receive the candidate education certifying document?

Upon completion of the Utah or Nevada 120 hours real estate licensing course which consists of all the courses, review sessions, and the final exam, you will receive the candidate education certifying document. This document will be sent electronically to the email address registered to your account and displayed in the Learning Management System immediately after your coursework is completed.  All candidates must bring this document to the testing center on the day of the examination.

ARTI® Academics will never ask you for payment or credit card information. We will not require you to jump through any hoops.

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Utah Real Estate School Coupons

Are you searching far and wide for coupon codes or promo codes to save money on Utah Real Estate school pre-licensing or continuing education? Search no more because at ARTI Academics, no coupons or promos are needed!  Our real estate school is 100% free and always will be! Our educators and professional learning management software are the best in the industry and we're focused on your success.

For more information about how much it will cost to start selling real estate, click here.

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How to Register for the Utah Real Estate Exam

Here are the instructions to register for the Utah Real Estate Exam!

  1. Go the Person Vue Page to register for the real estate exam:
  2. Click on - FOR TEST TAKERS - in the dropdown menu click on schedule an exam
  3. In the select your program search bar, type in Utah Real Estate
  4. Once it directs you the next page, click on “View Exams”
  5. Select Utah Sales
  6. Once its directs you to the next page, click on schedule this exam
  7. Click on create a web account
  8. Once it directs you to the next web account page, please proceed to click on “No, I do not know my Utah Real Estate Candidate ID” and be sure to complete the questions in order to create your web account.
  9. Once you create a web account, the system will email you the Utah Candidate ID and the ability to register for the exam.

Good luck with getting your Utah Real Estate License!

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Is the Utah Real Estate Exam Hard?

After you complete Real Estate school, in order to be eligible for a license, you need to take the exam.  You can find out more about it here.  Often times we're asked if it is difficult to pass the test.  The answer is no, it's not difficult as long as you're prepared!  One of the best ways to be prepared for it is by completing the ARTI Academics practice tests.  Prior to receiving your certificate of completion from the Real Estate School, you will have to pass a practice test.  You can always download more practice tests (we provide 5, total) to ensure you're ready to roll! While we're confident that you will do great, remember that if you don't pass the first time, you can study and take the exam again.  Following successful passing of the Utah Real Estate Exam, you have 90 days to request your license.

For more information around this topic, check out the Utah Division of Real Estate's website. You can also check out how you can be most prepared to pass the Utah Real Estate exam.

If you have any additional questions or insights, post them below!