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How Do I Get Support?

Thanks for checking out ARTI Academics! This school is a completely new model in real estate education. We pride ourselves in having the best customer support in the industry - although we have designed the school so you hopefully don't need it. :)

First off, you are here in our Support Community, which has conversation, questions and answers on various topics related to real estate school, licensing, affiliation, continuing education and more. We pride ourselves on having a very comprehensive forum where you can find immediate answers to your questions 24x7.

Software Platforms:
There are a lot of options out there for types of devices to use. For the best experience in the school, we recommend using a computer with Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari internet browsers. You are welcome to use any device, but the ones listed are what we support. We may be offering additional technology options to take classes in the future!

Are You Enrolled or Considering Real Estate Pre-Licensing?
While enrolled in ARTI Academics as a pre-licensing student you have your own ARTI® Certified Coach. This Coach is your resource for all things real estate school/licensing and is personally dedicated to your success. You also have access to our email support 24x7.

Are You Enrolled or Considering Continuing Education?
ARTI® Academics makes real estate school easy. If you have a question, it's probably been answered before right here in the Support Community. If you happen to run into questions along the way, you can always email our help desk directly from ARTI® Academics.