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How to Register for the Utah Real Estate Exam

Here are the instructions to register for the Utah Real Estate Exam!

  1. Go the Person Vue Page to register for the real estate exam:
  2. Click on - FOR TEST TAKERS - in the dropdown menu click on schedule an exam
  3. In the select your program search bar, type in Utah Real Estate
  4. Once it directs you the next page, click on “View Exams”
  5. Select Utah Sales
  6. Once its directs you to the next page, click on schedule this exam
  7. Click on create a web account
  8. Once it directs you to the next web account page, please proceed to click on “No, I do not know my Utah Real Estate Candidate ID” and be sure to complete the questions in order to create your web account.
  9. Once you create a web account, the system will email you the Utah Candidate ID and the ability to register for the exam.

Good luck with getting your Utah Real Estate License!

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Is the Utah Real Estate Exam Hard?

After you complete Real Estate school, in order to be eligible for a license, you need to take the exam.  You can find out more about it here.  Often times we're asked if it is difficult to pass the test.  The answer is no, it's not difficult as long as you're prepared!  One of the best ways to be prepared for it is by completing the ARTI Academics practice tests.  Prior to receiving your certificate of completion from the Real Estate School, you will have to pass a practice test.  You can always download more practice tests (we provide 5, total) to ensure you're ready to roll! While we're confident that you will do great, remember that if you don't pass the first time, you can study and take the exam again.  Following successful passing of the Utah Real Estate Exam, you have 90 days to request your license.

For more information around this topic, check out the Utah Division of Real Estate's website. You can also check out how you can be most prepared to pass the Utah Real Estate exam.

If you have any additional questions or insights, post them below!

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How Can I Be Most Prepared to Pass the Utah Real Estate Exam?

Finishing real estate often school brings the question of 'am I going to pass the test'?  You've been prepared by the school to really have a great handle on the topics, terminology, and concepts that will help you succeed. That being said, reviewing the key terms is critical.  Take the time to evaluate and study each of the concepts and terms from each of the 60 courses.  If you're taking your classes through us, you will also be provided with a final exam at the end of the certificate that is very similar to the way the actual test will be administered at the testing center.  If you can pass the final exam in ARTI Academics, you will probably be successful at the Pearson Vue testing center.

ARTI Academics offers 2 hour live test prep sessions that will ensure you feel confident going into the testing center.  The test prep instructors are experts in the real estate industry and work with brand new real estate agents every day. Even if you didn't attend ARTI Academics, you're welcome to sign up for any test prep class. You will find courses in Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Washington County. Click here to register.

When you're ready to take the test, simply visit Pearson Vue's website, create an account, and schedule your time:

Make sure to bring your ARTI Academics Certifying Document!