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Real Estate Professionals in 2020

In the world of real estate technology and marketing conditions will continue to dramatically change in 2020 and beyond. Consumers’ desire real estate professionals for their expertise, guidance and counseling with one of the biggest and most meaningful transactions in their life. Once you complete your pre-licensing certificate through ARTI® Academics real estate school and obtain your real estate license, you’ll be ready to go!

As a real estate professional, some of the exciting items to look forward to are:
• Meeting and working with great people
• Utilizing technology and marketing skills.
• Stellar real estate education and training
• Enhanced communication skills
• Learning new win/win negotiating techniques
• Building professional networking relationships

These are just a few of many elements you will experience as a real estate professional. Feel free to reach out to continue to the conversation:

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What Is The Real Estate MLS

One of the rarely discussed topics in Real Estate School is the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. The MLS is software that Agents and Brokerages can participate in that encourages cooperation between real estate brokerages and outlines how fees will be shared. All other services the MLS provides are secondary to these. In short, when you represent a buyer in a real estate transaction that is listed by another member of the same MLS, there is an written arrangement you will get paid a commission of the amount specified in the listing documentation.

Other Considerations:
In some instances the MLS provides additional resources, such as data on past real estate transactions that can be used for comparative market analyses. It is also not uncommon for them to provide showing services, lockboxes, forms, listing syndication and other integrations. While offered as a service an agent is not required to use the products. Each MLS provides their own offerings as directed by the members.

Service Area:
The MLS is not actually a single entity nationwide, but each geographic region typically has their own. For example, Las Vegas, Nevada has their own MLS and in some instances, a real estate agent may participate and be a member in several, or none at all. Many real estate companies do not participate in an MLS at all, including commercial real estate brokerages and boutique shops.

Being a member of a multiple listing service does have a cost. Depending on the area, you should expect the MLS itself to cost between $50 and $200 per month. In some markets, the MLS fees are incorporated into the local board of realtor fees.

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Why you should consider a career in Real Estate?

Real estate is primarily a customer service field. As an agent, you will be assisting, advising, and guiding your clients to make one of the most significant transactions of their lives—purchasing or selling a home.  With today's advances in technology, communication and collaboration have become effortless. These advances are a definite asset in becoming successful in real estate. A career in the real estate field can be extremely rewarding from a financial and personal perspective.  Don't be fooled, though, only the very best real estate agents make it to the top.

Real estate agents are typically paid on commission. That means that if you help someone achieve their home buying or selling goals, you get compensated.

At ARTI® Academics, we strive to provide the necessary tools to pursue a successful real estate career. With our user-friendly educational platform, expert instructors, and education team, we are committed to providing an exceptional education and launching real estate careers.

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Why is Real Estate continuing education (CE) essential and relevant?

Continuing education allows agents to learn and expand their skill set in addition to meeting licensure requirements. The real estate industry is continuously experiencing changes and evolving;  it is imperative for agents to be up-to-date with new regulations and learn new techniques.  Most states require additional certification for existing licensees every two years. The continuing education classes on ARTI® Academics allows agents to acquire knowledge directly from experts in the field. These collaborative efforts were put together to provide an exceptional educational experience.

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How to become a real estate agent in Utah

If you're thinking of a career in Real Estate, getting a license in Utah consists of a few steps and it really isn't that difficult as long as you have some time.

In summary, here's the quick steps:
1) Take and graduate from a pre-licensing school (like ARTI® Academics). It's 120 hours.

2) After that, you must pass the state and federal portions of the real estate exam.

3) Pass background checks 4) Affiliate with a brokerage.

If you want the complete details, including the forms, you can find them at the Utah Division of Real Estate.

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How do I know Real Estate School is for me?

Real Estate is built upon the foundation of customer service. As a real estate agent, you will be assisting your clients make one of the most important decisions, purchasing their home or property. Buying a home is a great milestone. As an agent you will guide them through the process of selling and buying. Real Estate is constantly evolving; markets are always versatile, and new trends are developing. ARTI Academics is designed to provide you with an outstanding educational learning platform which is both engaging and interactive. This is your first step in pursuing your real estate career.

You should also check out our real estate career insights and Why you should consider a career in Real Estate.

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Is there a classroom setting to get my real estate license?

The pre-licensing courses on ARTI Academics is delivered online. The online format is utilized to provide students with flexibility to complete the pre-licensing requirements. The online classroom is a powerful learning tool. The ARTI Academics education team and your Certified Instructor is available to answer questions and guide students throughout their pre-licensing requirements and obtaining their real estate license.

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Does ARTI Academics offer real estate career insights?

Yes! Throughout your real estate school process, you are provided with an ARTI® Certified Coach! This coach is a real estate expert that meets strict guidelines outlined by ARTI® Academics. Your best interest is at their heart and they will provide any guidance needed throughout the way.

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What is the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate agent?

While the terms Real Estate Broker and Real Estate Agent are often used interchangeably in Utah and Nevada, they are very different. A Real Estate Agent is an individual who has completed Real Estate School, either online or in person. They also must complete certain background checks and be approved by the State governing body.  This authorizes them to help buyers and sellers complete real estate transactions under the supervision of a Real Estate Broker. A Real Estate Broker has not only completed the requirements to become an Agent, but must also complete 120 more hours of formal education in addition to work experience. Because they are a Broker, they are eligible to open a Real Estate Brokerage and have Agents (and other Broker's) affiliate with their organization.  In the State of Utah, a Broker can be responsible for up to three real estate offices.

So is a being a Broker better than an Agent?

No.  What makes someone great in the real estate isn't dependent on that 120 hours of additional seat time or the title next to their name.  In fact, many agents are better than their brokers at selling real estate.  A great agent is someone that listens to their clients needs and helps them achieve their goals! A great Real Estate Brokerage, however, can make any agent, no matter their skill level, shine above their peers by providing superior marketing, technology, education, research, and support.

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I'm Ready To Take My Utah Real Estate Test!

Congrats!! After you have completed the required 120 hours Utah Pre-Licensing Certificate through ARTI Academics, you will receive a Certifying Document from the school.  This document is delivered directly inside ARTI Academics and is specially coded to work only for you.  You are also emailed the document.

This Certifying Document document is issued by the State of Utah and authorizes you to schedule and take the real estate exam from a Pearson Vue authorized testing center.  Simply visit:, create an account and schedule your exam.  Pearson Vue will also provide additional information about what you can take to the testing center.


Upon successful completion of the exam, you will provide to the state:

  1. A Completed and signed original application issued by the testing center.
  2. Signed, original school Certifying Document (provided by us). This document is only valid for one year and must be submitted within 90 days of passing the exam) or valid education waiver issued by the Division of Real Estate.
  3. Signed responses to the Qualifying Questionnaire issued at the testing center and all supporting documentation requested for any "Yes" answers.
  4. Candidate fingerprint receipt issued at testing center or two fingerprint cards.
  5. Completed and signed Certification of Legal Presence form.
  6. Non-refundable fee of $152.
  7. Licensing Checklist Document


For additional information about being prepared to take the exam, you can review this post or visit the Division of Real Estate's website.

Good Luck passing your Utah Real Estate Exam!