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How long do I have to complete the Utah Real Estate School Pre-Licensing?

While Utah's Division of Real Estate requirement is 1 year, we allow just 6 months.  This is more than enough time for any student to complete the material and pass the test. We want you to be successful passing the exam and if you took the 'Estates' course 10 months ago, for example, the likelihood of you being extremely well versed will decrease.  We pride ourselves on being high quality education and want you to have the best real estate educational experience. If for some reason, you feel that 6 months is not enough time for you to complete the course, please reach out to us!

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How much will it cost before I can sell real estate?

The reason ARTI® Academics was started was to be a driving force in helping the Real Estate Industry become better at what we do.  Home buyers and sellers deserve much better than the same product they've received over the past 30 years.  This real estate school was built all around people with a passion to help move people forward in their career and be successful.  While the cost can differ a little bit, we're saving you up to $800 just for the real estate school portion making it free.  Remember, when you go into the real estate business, you are an entrepreneur and must manage it like your own business.  Depending on your marketing plan your costs can vary substantially.

You can plan for the following expenses:

    1. $0 - Real Estate School with ARTI Academics
    2. $250 -  for the test and the Utah Division of Real Estate fees.
  1. $1500 - National Association of REALTOR dues, your local real estate board dues, and MLS Access.
  2. Depending on which real estate brokerage you choose to affiliate with, you will have monthly costs in addition to signs, business cards, CRM, photography and other expenses.

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How Can I Be Most Prepared to Pass the Utah Real Estate Exam?

Finishing real estate often school brings the question of 'am I going to pass the test'?  You've been prepared by the school to really have a great handle on the topics, terminology, and concepts that will help you succeed. That being said, reviewing the key terms is critical.  Take the time to evaluate and study each of the concepts and terms from each of the 60 courses.  If you're taking your classes through us, you will also be provided with a final exam at the end of the certificate that is very similar to the way the actual test will be administered at the testing center.  If you can pass the final exam in ARTI Academics, you will probably be successful at the Pearson Vue testing center.

ARTI Academics offers 2 hour live test prep sessions that will ensure you feel confident going into the testing center.  The test prep instructors are experts in the real estate industry and work with brand new real estate agents every day. Even if you didn't attend ARTI Academics, you're welcome to sign up for any test prep class. You will find courses in Salt Lake County, Utah County, and Washington County. Click here to register.

When you're ready to take the test, simply visit Pearson Vue's website, create an account, and schedule your time:

Make sure to bring your ARTI Academics Certifying Document!


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How Long Does it Take to Go Through Utah Real Estate School?

Many people wonder how long it takes to go through Real Estate School in Utah. For a Sales Agent, Utah require 120 total hours, or 60 classes. 96 hours of the coursework is around Principles and Practices and the remaining 24 hours are Utah License Law. We recommend planning 1 - 2 months to go through the coursework at ARTI® Academics in the Utah Real Estate School.

If you're pursuing a Utah Real Estate Brokers license, a total of 120 hours are also required. 45 for Broker Principles, 45 for Broker Practices, and 30 for Utah Law. This is of course followed with an exam that must be completed at an authorized Pearson Vue testing center.

If you have more questions, post below!