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How Do I Get Support?

Thanks for checking out ARTI Academics! This school is a completely new model in real estate education. We pride ourselves in having the best customer support in the industry - although we have designed the school so you hopefully don't need it. :)

First off, you are here in our Support Community, which has conversation, questions and answers on various topics related to real estate school, licensing, affiliation, continuing education and more. We pride ourselves on having a very comprehensive forum where you can find immediate answers to your questions 24x7.

Software Platforms:
There are a lot of options out there for types of devices to use. For the best experience in the school, we recommend using a computer with Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari internet browsers. You are welcome to use any device, but the ones listed are what we support. We may be offering additional technology options to take classes in the future!

Are You Enrolled or Considering Real Estate Pre-Licensing?
While enrolled in ARTI Academics as a pre-licensing student you have your own ARTI® Certified Coach. This Coach is your resource for all things real estate school/licensing and is personally dedicated to your success. You also have access to our email support 24x7.

Are You Enrolled or Considering Continuing Education?
ARTI® Academics makes real estate school easy. If you have a question, it's probably been answered before right here in the Support Community. If you happen to run into questions along the way, you can always email our help desk directly from ARTI® Academics.

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Still Wondering If ARTI Academics is For Real?

ARTI Academics Featured in Leading Real Estate News Outlet

Over and over again people ask if ARTI Academics is for real. Especially when other schools charge several hundreds of dollars or more. The answer is yes! Just recently, the leading real estate news source for real estate agents, brokers, real estate executives and real estate technology leaders, Inman featured ARTI Academics.

The article titled “Proptech Developers Launch Free Alternative Online Real Estate School“, written by Staff Writer and Technology Expert, Craig Rowe, states “Best of all: Classes offered by Arti Academics are free, and, in keeping with their theme of industry transparency, the classes are also free for the non-licensed public.”

When referring to creating high quality real estate school content, Rowe continued, “Dr. Amanda Wickra [was hired] as the school’s director of education. Wickra holds a doctor of education degree from Pepperdine’s Graduate school of Education and Psychology, where she was named one of the university’s “40 under 40” in 2016.” The article also made mention of a forthcoming mobile app, over 50 existing and proposed new courses, and other initiatives for ARTI Academics looking to the future.

We’re appreciative of all the many instructors, developers, and support staff who have helped make this school a success. Of course, we are also appreciative of all of the students who are currently enjoying real estate licensing and continuing education classes. We look forward to helping you grow your real estate career through education!

About Inman News :
Real estate industry professionals from around the world turn to Inman first for accurate, innovative and timely information about the business. Known for its award-winning journalism, cutting-edge technology coverage, in-depth educational opportunities, and forward-thinking events, Inman is the industry’s leading source of real estate information.

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Introducing Your Certified Real Estate School Coach

Providing the best overall real estate school experience is extremely important to us - and you! We are now introducing your ARTI® Academics Certified Coach.  As a student striving to complete the real estate pre-licensing coursework, you now have a personal real estate coach available at your fingertips. ARTI® Academics has vetted this coach as an expert in the real estate industry.

Their primary purpose as a certified coach is to provide professional skills training and prepare you to be successful in the real estate field and pass the real estate exam. They will be a great resource to utilize through the 120 hours of Pre-Licensing and will be the direct contact to answer questions and help fulfill learning outcomes.

These resources were put in place because our education team at ARTI® Academics wants to ensure we are preparing the next generation of real estate professionals for success. We want to foster conversations and spark new ideas. Real Estate is an evolving field, and our certified coaches have encountered several of the changes over the years. In sharing their experiences will be beneficial for future real estate agents. "We're really excited to provide this addition to our real estate education platform", said Director of Education, Amanda Wickra, Ed.D. "Our certified coaches will bring a combination of significant teaching experience and subject matter expertise. They will help us continue to deliver an exceptional learning experience for our students."

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What is the Difference Between a Certificate and a Course?

Depending on your preference for Utah Continuing Education, you have an option of the certificate, which consists of 18 hours of continuing education credit or completing individual courses. To complete courses individually in Utah and Nevada, simply click "available courses" on your ARTI Academics dashboard. We are continually adding additional CE classes to ARTI Academics- stay tuned!

ARTI® Academics Course

This is an individual class inside the school. Each course is a collection of various different activities.  An activity can be a quiz, a slide (similar to powerpoint), or video content. Upon completion of a course, you will be provided with a course completion document, certifying that you have finished it.

ARTI® Academics Certificate

A collection of classes is a certificate. Upon completing the certificate you will receive a congratulations message with the certificate attached.  You can also go to your student profile inside the school and view any completed certificates or courses at any time.

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How do the Videos, Quizzes, Timers, and Slides work?

Each certificate, such as Real Estate Pre-Licensing or even a Continuing Education module consist of Courses and each course consists of various activities.  An activity can be a video, quiz, or slide, with the majority being video produced.  Videos can range anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

Q) Can I skip or fast forward a video?

A) No.  All content, including video, is designed for you to watch at the speed and pace it was created and to comply with Utah Real Estate Licensing requirements.  You are able to pause the video to review the topic in further or take notes.  This is to ensure that you are receiving all of the information needed to be successful in Real Estate.  After watching an activity in ARTI Academics, you can go to previously completed activities and review.

Q) Are slides timed and can I fast forward and pause?

A) Yes each slide in ARTI Academics is timed. You cannot fast forward through a slide (unless you've already watched it), but you can pause a slide by clicking anywhere on the slide if you need some additional time to study the topic, or take notes.

Q) Where do I find the study guides and practice quizzes for CE and Pre-Licensing?

A) All study guides and quizzes are in the course documents section, where you can download each document.  You can find "Course Documents" below the activity viewer in the lower right of your screen.  You will also find additional supplementary information, such as contracts and exhibits there.  If you're looking for all of the Utah real estate license study guides and practice tests combined into a single document, you can order it for free and download it here.

Q) Who do I contact if I have a problem with my courses?

A) You found a bug!? We try our best every day to make sure your education experience is as smooth as possible, but if you happen to run into a glitch, please click "report an issue" in the very bottom right of your screen so we can get it squashed! Please provide any information that you can that would be relevant for the developers.

Q) The time has not updated for the course when I finished, why is that?

A) Have no fear, when looking at the certificate review screen (the place you can resume your class), the time and hours will only update when you have completed a course!